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Efforts to vaccinate key workers in the tri-state area are gaining momentum as New York and New Jersey change gear to reach first responders, reports CBS2 "s Dave Carlin. Capitol Police were dispatched to D.C. in response to Wednesday's riots, and New Jersey State Police were also deployed in Washington, DC, as part of their ongoing investigation into Wednesday's violence. NYPD is investigating a video that appears to show an officer on his knees with an arrested man by the neck, reports CBS 2 "s Ali Bauman. NYC has begun issuing the COVID vaccine, but state approval only opens the door to officers, not all - NYPD OfficersNYPD officers can now get the coronavirus vaccine for the first time in more than two years, according to the state Department of Health. In addition, NYC, with the help of the city's Office of Emergency Management and Preparedness (OEP) and state health departments, is beginning to distribute outCOVID vaccines to all law enforcement and other public safety personnel, Cory James of CBS1 reported.

A woman who falsely accused a black teenager of stealing his phone says the disturbing incident was not about race. The California woman's attorney said the confrontation at the SoHo hotel was not a case of racial profiling, but a matter of mistaken identity, reports CBS 2's Gloria Allred.

On Wednesday, the Capitol was attacked for the first time since the 1812 war, when the British burned it down, reports CBS2's Dick Brennan. This is an unprecedented attack on the heart of our democracy, reports Christina Ruffini for CBS. Order has been restored, but it almost seems as if the soul of democracy has been shaken, "CBS1" s Chris Cillizza reports.

We keep certain things under wraps until the time comes to announce them, i.e. we are in the process of reworking the room to make it more functional. We are under new leadership, but some of our core values, such as our proSwing program, will remain the same. It will also undergo a rebranding as we continue to optimize it to become the premier tristate baseball facility. The US Army Special Operations Command team was sent to Washington, D.C. to assist law enforcement.

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